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Partnering with you for advancement in healthcare.

Kings Medical Supplies was founded in 2015 as a regional supplier of medical products and services in the following categories ICU, Theater, Infant & maternity care, Radiology/Imaging, Laboratory & Diagnostic, Hospital Furniture, Dental, Renal and Orthopedic Solutions.

We are focused on providing our clients with the best in innovation, technology and efficiency for them to meet their needs with ease at an affordable rate.

Our office is located along Jogoo Road at Jogoo Road Plaza, 3rd Floor.


Partnering with you for advancement in healthcare.


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Why choose us

World Class

Our products are carefully chosen from world reknown brands whose performance is highly rated.

Excellent Customer

Our team is well versed in our products therefore can confidently handle customer issues.

Timely Support
and Maintenance

We are focussed in offering skilled and timely preventive maintenance and also provide prompt responce to downtime on our equipments.

Our mission

Our mission is to

We are driven by the following core values’;

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Accountability


  • Customer Centric Appproach
  • Leadership managment
  • Another value


Our experience

Product Knowledge 87%
Customer Service 75%
World Class Brands 80%
Service & Maintenance 72%

Our team