The SE-12 Series ECG devices support your diagnosis with trustful references, satisfying every demanding need of your practice.

With different models targeted in different practices, you may choose accordingly for resting ECG, stress test, or mobile applications.


1. Report Preview

• User can preview the report before printing, preventing unnecessary re-printing investments.

2. User-friendly Design

• 8″ high resolution color touch screen

• Alphanumeric keyboard

3. Streamlined Workflow

• One-touch operation with age and gender shortcuts

• Support linear/2D barcode scanner to simplify workflow

4. Accurate Clinical Performances

• Weak signal detection with the advanced 24-bit A/D converter technology

• Anti-noise technology with comprehensive filters and high CMRR over 140dB

• ECG Signal Quality Indication

• 120s real-time ECG waveform freezing and review to accist diagnosis

• Automatic measurements and interpretation tested with CSE/AHA/MIT databases

• Extend printing once arrhythmia is detected for further rhythm analysis

• Built-in Glasgow Interpretation

• Advanced ECG analysis: Vector ECG (optional)

5. Flexible Printing Solutions

• Built-in high resolution thermal recorder to print on normal thermal paper and A4 size fax paper

• Support external USB printer

6. Data Management

• Internal storage up to 800 ECGs and can be enlarged by USB flash disk

• SE-1515 Data Management System software for data management on PC (optional)

7. Extensive Communications

• DATA transmitting to PC via LAN/ internal Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi is optional)

• Report formats: PDF and optional SCP/FDA-XMUDICOM data export

• Bi-directional data communication with DMS