VINNO’s commitment to research and development, which builds on our solid foundation in ultrasound technology, allows us to optimize, innovate, and continue to deliver superior products. Our revolutionary RF platform, the first of its kind, offers unique processing technology high-quality ultrasound images, and unmatched performace.

  • Exclusive RF platform produces clearer images and more data.
  • Comprehensive processing tools support a wider range of clinical applications.
  • Advanced image processing technology improves image quality.
  • Special 4D rendering technology producers high quality fetal images.
  • Easy-to-use, interactive interface provides simple operation.
  • Option for continued upgrades protects user’s investment

Unique RF Platform

Because of hardware limitations, traditional front-end RF platforms are unable to transmit certain useful information. VINNO’s unique platform is the first in the fast processing power to ensure detailed images and accurate measurements.
The RF platform reads a wider range of signals, resulting in clearer, higher-resolution images. This endows the system with unique capabilities, including fullscreen mode and high-resolution images free of distortion, which aids in diagnosis of small lesions.

Xcen Probe Technology

The Xcen high-frequency wideband probe transmits at up 16 MHz and provides clearer images of subtle variations in tissue, which allows lesions to be diagnosed earlier. VFusion Technology VSpeckle Technology