The VINNO X1 delivers exceptional image quality, advanced imaging technology, versatile clinica.

1. Innovative RF Platform

VINNO’s innovative RF platform acquires 40 times the amount of raw signal for back-end processing, which allows for higher resolution images and more powerful post-processing.

2. User-defined Protocols

  • Self-defined Measurement including sequence & folder
  • Body patterns can be imported or exported in both JPG and PNG formats

3. Smart Measurements

  • Single click of a button, the system automatically calculates GA and EFW*.
  • Automatically calculates the area and circumference with just one push of a button

4. Auto IMT

  • Fast, easy, and accurate automatic measurement of intimal-media thickness

5. Auto Trace in PW/CW Mode

  • Real time and post store auto trace
  • Real time sensitivity adjustment for accurate spectrum trace
  • Real time measurement result

6. Pview

Pview allows extended view of the relationship of anatomical structures

7. MCut Function

  • 15-inch high-resolution LCD monitor that rotates a full 180 degrees for enhanced ergonomics. 8-inch touch screen panel reduces physical strain.